Friday, May 11, 2007

I miss this

Wow...I never thought that I wouldd actually miss a class. Not even sure if any of you are ever going to read this amymore. Well, I'm into my next class (which is a pain in the ass). Its a very intresting class, Sociology of Deviant Behavior, but man I have things due every other day, have three quizes, pluss discussions, a film paper (analysis of Angels with dirty faces) and a 7 page min. research paper with 10 refs.... its crazy! Well I'll be done soon enough and then I'll be complaining about the credential program...

Hope all is well with everyone!!!

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RLee said...

I hear ya!! I'm taking "Drugs, Values, & Society" Very interesting.. but a lot of work! I too have a 7 pg min. research paper... sigh.. I shouldnt have complained so much about this class, I realize now how lucky I really was lol. Hope all is well!!