Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Chat Lingo 101

I noticed that when im chatting with my group members in chat rooms I often say things that no one understands. I'm one who is always on the computer....everything from banking to video games. These are a lot of abbreviations that might help when in a chat room or instant messaging people. Granted, these are not "academic" but they sure do help with keeping a conversation going at a steady rate....just don't say "lol" in rl (real life) people will look at you funny, well...unless its second nature for them too.

Well, here's a few of the more common ones. Hope this actually helps someone.

afk-away from keyboard
asl-age sex location (in other words tell them to go away)
brb-be right back
bbl-be back later
brt-be right there
btw- by the way
fyi-for your information
g2g-got to go
im-instant message
imho- in my humble opinion
imo- in my opinion
j/k- just kidding
k or kk - ok
lol-laughing out loud
lmao-laughing my a** off
omg - oh my god
p2p- peer to peer (usually involves file sharing)
pm-private message
rofl or rotfl - rolling on the floor laughing
roflmao- rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
rl-real life
sup- what's up
ttyl -talk to you later
wb-welcome back

there's a million others, but i think this is a good start ;)
so, with all that being said....i feel like a huge nerd!

anyone hear that song my weird al called white and nerdy...ummm yeah well im not whiter than sour cream...but there are scary things in that song that applies.


Myrna Sadalge said...

HI Brenda

Thanks for the cheat cheats. Unfortunately I don't text or use these codes, but now I feel I can understand the basics.

RLee said...

Oh I loved this! I know some ppl that need to read it as well. I'm always using acronyms or abbreviating .. especially being in college, everything is shortened!! For example, our gym @SDSU is called the ARC. Aztec Recreation Center. I could go on forever with all the different ones. I never realized its like another language to some people, just second nature to me. Fast pace world nowadays, no time to spell/say it all :)

Shannon said...

LOL! That was great! I am new to the whole im thing and having a cheat sheet was what I needed! Thanks for the laugh and the 411!